Isle of Wight Day 5!


I know i have sort of been not really accurately doing this every day, sorry i have been busy in the isle of wight.

Anyway, we went pottery painting! I painted a  DRAGON BANK!  Yes you read right a dragon bank, a bit childish i know but i think i have found a new hobby. I always loved art but i completely suck at drawing and i’m actually sorta good at this!!!!

Luckily there is a pottery place just down my road 😀


❤ Life!

Isle of Wight Day 3!

It’s day 3 of my visit to the isle of wight and we went to this place called Blackgang Chine which is a place with a few rides and nice walks dotted around. Overall, it’s a great place to go! I enjoyed it very much!
I am generally waking up before anyone else so i just sit in the rocking chair (yeah i know!) with a blanket on my laptop and look like an old granny in a rocking chair :-D!

Isle of Wight!

Sorry about not posting yesterday i got caught up in my day which was made up of…
Youtube, youtube, packing, youtube,packing, packing, youtube, travelling, youtube, travelling x 10000000, youtube, tv, bed!
Yes so it was a very interesting day and a brilliant reason to not blog (right?)!
So, I’m in the isle of wight with a family who i know with my LAPTOP AND PHONE :-D!
I can’t go without me tech!
Well this family have just come back from AMERICA which i wish i had been to for two reasons
1. the plane!
I’m having so much fun here!


By the title you are probably thinking, OMG she’s got a tattoo! Well no, i don’t and i probably will not EVER! No i just drew one on with a pen. Yeah it isn’t really that interesting…
I also wanted too talk about being serious in text! (wow, such a common topic isn’t it) If you are trying to be serious don’t go…
Sos 2 break it 2 u but grandma’s died no this isn’t a joke this is srs bsnss
Sorry but that ruins being dramatic AND YOU KNOW ME HOW I LIKE BEING DRAMATIC!!!


Hi! Cupcakes!!!!!!  That was not a cupcake but oh well…

Yeah so me and my mum made cupcakes and to make of for missing a day ( sorry ) i have blogged about something interesting (i.e. CUPCAKES!!!) 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
These cupcakes are vanilla flavoured with 100’s and 1000’s on them (NEON OF COURSE!)
I found out i can pipe preeeeety creepin’ well!
Please leave a comment about your perfect idea of a cupcake!!! Tasty!
I ❤ cupcakes!

I apologize for the mega gap…