5 Homework Tips That Probably Won’t Work.


I have not posted in awhile but you should see my amount of homework!

Yeah homework! So these are my tips with the hell that is homework.

1. Try not to leave it too the last minute(what, i never said i had to follow these tips.)

2. Don’t go on youtube whilst doing a biology essay(i actually didn’t do that)

3. If you get art homework get help!

4. If you get maths homework and no one says you can’t use a calculator, you should probably use a calculator.

5. If you have Geography is a classroom that stinks put loads of effort in your homework,  act dumb, become teachers pet, and state that we should go outside.

4 thoughts on “5 Homework Tips That Probably Won’t Work.

  1. Hi there!

    I was reading through you’re other blogs, and they are actually pretty cool!

    I think if you want more views you should put a few tags on each blog post indicating what your blog is about!

    You just got a follower! Me!


    • Thank you sooo much, you are so nice! Sorry, i’m a bit excitable! I shall follow you too!
      Once again, THANKS!!!!!!

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