Loooooong Phone Calls


Well tell me, how did a phone call about what the French homework was turn into a game of guess the song through really crackly reception? I don’t know but it happened today. Yes, I had a phone call which turned out to be 48 or so minutes long when i could have been doing one of the 7 pieces of homework I had to do (bit of advice here: tracing 3 hindu gods takes longer than you think). I must ask, I was talking to an american so I’m not sure if thats normal being british (it doesn’t happen here), but any americans, is that normal? Leave an answer in the comments please!

Todays Advice: Repeat people’s names when you meet them.

I always forget people’s names, it’s a severe problem. I met someone new at my school and within 10 minutes i’d forgotten their name. Also don’t ask what their name is, only leads to embarrassment. Do what Sue from Outnumbered did at the wedding, hunt for clues about their past, present and future, and if all fails, look for their name in the seating arrangement!


2 thoughts on “Loooooong Phone Calls

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