The Locker Thief

Today I’m going to tell you about the story of the great locker thief of the junior school.
One day something of everyone’s stuff went missing. It happened again the next day, and the next. It seemed to be happening more to me than anyone else. Soon, my pencil case was nearly empty and I was borrowing everything from friends. It was getting out of hand pretty quickly as many other people agreed and we set out like detectives to find the thief. First, because i was the most affected we looked in the two locker beside me, lets call the girls rhondella and amy. Well, in rhondella’s locker we found something very strange, my WHOLE ENTIRE P.E KIT! I told everyone not to jump to conclusions that she is the thief because it might have been the thief trying to pin the blame on someone else. We searched some more in her locker, found a packet of moams, a packet of crisps, an empty crisp packet and some chocolate coin wrappers, everything to suggest she was greedy but nothing to suggest criminal stealing. We also searched Amy’s locker and found nothing. It seemed like a dead end, but then someone told the teacher who then told the other teachers who each in turn told their class that “whoever it is taking all these things can you please stop because you are behaving very immaturely and letting your classmates down”. I’m not saying who it was but I’m just saying someone turned into a little tomato that second and believe me we laughed! Best. Day. Ever.

Me and my epic fails!

So i decided to have a new part of my blog entitled “me and my epic fails” because i have a lot of these moments.

Today i am going to talk about the epic fail i had in town yesterday. It was oddly very busy in town which is odd for me because we live in a rather spread out area and there are shops dotted around everywhere but it seemed like this day they were all there to create my epic fail. I had just been to collect my new viola (very exciting because i was always so small i had to have a violin tuned as a viola) when i came to a point where there are two zebra crossings with a stop in the middle. Well because it was so busy there were lots of cars on the road that day(thought I’d let you know because it is important). Well i crossed to the middle easily, a little bit of running involved but it was busy who can blame me? Well when i crossed the second time my mum beckoned for me to “hurry up” and so i ran and tripped and fell IN FRONT OF A CAR!!!!!!!! I AM THE ONLY PERSON WHO THAT WOULD HAPPEN TO AND IT DID!!!!!!!!
I fell in front of a freaking car!!!!
Yep now you know how accident prone i am. There wasn’t even a reason why it happened. And i landed on my wrist which hurts so much now especially as I’m typing this. ARGGGGHHHHHH!
I hate myself now.

Alcohol and me

I have little to no experience with alcohol partly from being absolutely terrified of it and then the fact that i had an allergy test and i proved intolerant to beer, white wine and red wine. When ever i walk into a pub when I’m out for Sunday lunch i always dread the fact is one of the men are drunk. I liked Edd Sheeran till he made his song ‘drunk’. Glee is one of my favourite tv programs but i just wont watch the episode where they all get drunk while singing ke$ha. You are probably all thinking weirdo but i am genuinely terrified and please don’t judge me.
I think I’m mostly terrified because i don’t know what will have to me when i do get drunk. Knowing me now I’m either emotional or violent, probably both! Yeah, i think you get why I’m scared.



My hair is literally the most annoying thing in the world! I wash it in the morning but in like three seconds its full of grease. And don’t get me started on the static. I went to my friends ‘grease’ themed birthday party and we went to a hairdressers to have our hair and makeup done. And when i had my hair done she put at least half a tin of hairspray in my hair to try and stop the static. It did work but then of course i decided i didn’t like what she had done and set of to take it out but i found she had used so much hairspray that the hair slides were stuck to my head. That was one of my worst days of my life. That was how awful it was.
The only day my hair is actually under control is when my aunt comes to stay. Yes, she is a hairdresser.
My hair is an absolute nightmare! #thissucks



Children In Need!!!



Children In Need!!!! Yeah!!!! I dare everyone who reads this to go and donate to Children In Need!

Well it’s a brilliant cause to help all the children out there to get the best start in life!

Anyway I drew this on my bamboo tablet!



Please raise as much as you can for children in need as it is a great cause.




Hi guys

This is just a little update of my life so far. You may have noticed the theme has changed but I’m trying out a few themes just to see what looks good. PLEASE COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW!

Uh yeah in English we are reading the most boring book where the most remotely interesting thing which happens is that some birds fly over their ship. Yeah it’s defo interesto!!!!! (not)



This is probably the first time I have blogged in a while, and it is probably the first time you have really seen the side of me which is personal. My friends aren’t exactly the stereotype of my school you know the sporty, bit too loud, friends with EVERYONE kinda people. No, they are the more like the quiet, nice, friendly, amazing people the world needs more of. My friends are the best you will of heard of Chloe, the American, and then there is Emily, the girl who is AFRAID of her sisters eyelash curlers, and then there is Grace, who you haven’t heard of but she is as wonderful as anyone could ever be! I absolutely love them from the bottom of the universe right up to the top!


I think next time I’ll tell you about the story of “the locker thief”


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