The Locker Thief

Today I’m going to tell you about the story of the great locker thief of the junior school.
One day something of everyone’s stuff went missing. It happened again the next day, and the next. It seemed to be happening more to me than anyone else. Soon, my pencil case was nearly empty and I was borrowing everything from friends. It was getting out of hand pretty quickly as many other people agreed and we set out like detectives to find the thief. First, because i was the most affected we looked in the two locker beside me, lets call the girls rhondella and amy. Well, in rhondella’s locker we found something very strange, my WHOLE ENTIRE P.E KIT! I told everyone not to jump to conclusions that she is the thief because it might have been the thief trying to pin the blame on someone else. We searched some more in her locker, found a packet of moams, a packet of crisps, an empty crisp packet and some chocolate coin wrappers, everything to suggest she was greedy but nothing to suggest criminal stealing. We also searched Amy’s locker and found nothing. It seemed like a dead end, but then someone told the teacher who then told the other teachers who each in turn told their class that “whoever it is taking all these things can you please stop because you are behaving very immaturely and letting your classmates down”. I’m not saying who it was but I’m just saying someone turned into a little tomato that second and believe me we laughed! Best. Day. Ever.

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