Sorry I havn’t posted in ages.

I’ve been a little busy doing:

What parents and teachers want me to say:

“I have been studying and working hard for school”

The truth:

“I got a full minecraft account and have been playing on that or watching other people play it on youtube.”



It’s time for another me and my epic fails!

I was trying to send my best friend Eleanor* an iMessage when my computer decided it wanted to stop me from being able to send it ’cause i couldn’t log in, that’s a nice thing to do to me, a little young immature me, isn’t it computer, yes, I’m talking to you, my used to be trusty laptop, YOU TRAITOR!!!!!

So I decided to look up on the internet what to do and someone gave a link that helped them. So I, being my clueless, young, immature self clicked on the link like a pro followed the steps. They were:

Terrible Step 1. Shut down your computer

TS 2. Turn on your computer

TS 3. Before the screen turns gray press the four buttons Cmd, ctrl, P and R and hold them


When my laptop turns on again, MY WHOLE MEMORY HAD BEEN WIPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #PacingRoundTheRoomAngry

I had a minor meltdown, and by minor I mean in a state so bad I could punch someone in the face. Then I realised a pop-up was on the computer screen.

Choose a system:

New                Backup






*Eleanor is coming to my school and she is in my class and house!!!!!!

Freakin School Again!


Short Post Sort Of Update


School started a few days ago… uhhhhhh. Well the days have passed and I haven’t died, that’s a miracle! You … don’t think …it’s… a miracle? RUDE!

Exciting news that WombatCrazyEleanor is now coming to my school which she originally did not go to. I AM SO EXCITED!!



New Years Resolutions


I’m guessing as I’m posting this I have to think of some resolutions, before I said I would do this, I thought exactly like in the picture. But anyway I guess I have to do this.

  • Do more exercise… :-O
  • Try not to worry as much…:-/
  • Stop blowing a fuse at the slightest thing… >:-(
  • To draw more (that’s actually something achievable)
  • To not be so shy
  • To develop a readable handwriting

Bye Dailtons and sorry this has been a short post.



It’s Update Time!

  • New Theme (you have probably realised)
  • I am trying it out another theme because I still don’t know which one looks good.
  • Please comment and tell me what you prefer or something i should try.
  • Moving on…
  • … I am going to post again today about my non-existent resolutions.

Bye Dailytons!