Book Review


Title: My Name is Mina

Author: David Almond

My Name is Mina is a thought-provoking book about a little girl who is an outcast. At her last school she left because she wrote a story for her SATS in complete gobble-de-goop. Therefor her loving mother teaches her at home. The book is a bit like a journal of Mina’s life in which she writes down her thoughts, such as some of the beautiful poems she hears, and what happens to her throughout her childhood, like when she meets her old school friend Sophie who has had an operation to fix her limp.

This book has become one of my favourites, as I love the style it was written in, to me it seems like Almond has taken the time to think about every word in order to make it as poetic and descriptive as possible. It is a good book for people with a wide imagination who love imagery and are ready for a new look on something as ordinary as nightlife!

In conclusion this book is a great read, with an interesting storyline and great descriptive factors.

Total Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Top 5 Internet Clothes Shops


Today I am going to be talking about internet clothes shops! I do a lot of this, as trying stuff on in shops makes me kind of flustered and for some reason I can never find anything! Soooo, I do pretty much all of my shopping on the internet. This is my top 5 internet clothes shops!






These are my favourite shops! If you have any other shops you think I should have a look at then feel free to leave them in the comments!

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Outfit of the week! Back to School.


This weeks outfit of the week is Back to School Themed. It is the perfect outfit for Sixth Form (or if you go to a school where you can wear home clothes) and you could easily get away with wearing it. 

Now without further ado, this weeks outfit is *Drumroll*

Outfit of the week


It is a super cute navy skater skirt with a round neck short sleeved t-shirt.

Get a similar skirt from

Get a similar top from

The shoes and Bag complement the top and skirt perfectly!

Get a similar bag from

Get similar shoes from

Thats it for today!

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Le Internet Medley – Weekly Video


This is this weeks “Weekly Video”. This is a hilarious video made by the GAG Quartet. It is a song that has over 40 different memes in it!

Some of the memes are:

  • Nyan Cat
  • Imma firin ma laser!
  • The Trolololo Song
  • Numa Numa
  • Keyboard Cat
  • Dramatic Chipmunk

And many more!

I laughed so hard when I first saw this, you can also buy it on iTunes which, of course, I did!

Thats it for now,

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I have recently become obsessed with Anime, especially the ones where it’s school girls who sing or dance and become famous. Maybe thats because it seems more realistic to me, it could actually happen to someone in my school! I am enjoying an anime called HaNaYaMaTa and I think you should give it a try because it is quite interesting and has quite a few plot twists going on. It’s a bit like Glee but with dancing and in Anime. The reason I like anime is because I like the artwork, all the characters are so detailed and colourful, I would still really enjoy watching the shows just for the art! Anime always takes time to build up the characters so you feel like you have a lot of inside information on their lives. I really enjoy delving deep into a story or a character and Anime gives you the thoughts and emotions of the characters by the over the top facial expressions and voiceovers. Personally I love Anime, and I think everyone can get into it, you just need to find the genre you like! Please leave a comment saying what Anime you like and why!

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Update + Kawaii Box

Hello and I’M BACK!

Im sorry I haven’t done anything for a while but i just had too much school and then i went away in the holidays for ages. As an update i now am obsessed with anime, am wearing more pink and have dyed my hair more of a brown colour! The real point other than telling you that I’m lazy and pink is that I subscribed to a thing called Kawaii Box (I will leave the link at the end if you want to check it out). Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute/adorable ect. but American anime and manga fans (like me) use it a lot to describe characters and other things. The Kawaii box is a box that is sent to you at the beginning of every month in the post and it contains lots of Kawaii items from Japan such as pens, phone cases, plushies, sweets and other things. They have a wide variety of 100% original items and I am really excited to get my first box! It costs $18.90 or £11.38 per month which is quite cheap considering that the price of everything in the box actually comes up to $39-40 or around £20! Here are some pictures of the past boxes that have been sent out:

Kawaii-Box_2014-07_002     Kawaii-Box_2014-08_02

They all look really adorable! I will be doing an unboxing post so look out for that!

If you would like to get these boxes sent to you the website link is :

Goodbye Dailytons!