Book Review


Title: My Name is Mina

Author: David Almond

My Name is Mina is a thought-provoking book about a little girl who is an outcast. At her last school she left because she wrote a story for her SATS in complete gobble-de-goop. Therefor her loving mother teaches her at home. The book is a bit like a journal of Mina’s life in which she writes down her thoughts, such as some of the beautiful poems she hears, and what happens to her throughout her childhood, like when she meets her old school friend Sophie who has had an operation to fix her limp.

This book has become one of my favourites, as I love the style it was written in, to me it seems like Almond has taken the time to think about every word in order to make it as poetic and descriptive as possible. It is a good book for people with a wide imagination who love imagery and are ready for a new look on something as ordinary as nightlife!

In conclusion this book is a great read, with an interesting storyline and great descriptive factors.

Total Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Bye Dailytons!



It’s time for another me and my epic fails!

I was trying to send my best friend Eleanor* an iMessage when my computer decided it wanted to stop me from being able to send it ’cause i couldn’t log in, that’s a nice thing to do to me, a little young immature me, isn’t it computer, yes, I’m talking to you, my used to be trusty laptop, YOU TRAITOR!!!!!

So I decided to look up on the internet what to do and someone gave a link that helped them. So I, being my clueless, young, immature self clicked on the link like a pro followed the steps. They were:

Terrible Step 1. Shut down your computer

TS 2. Turn on your computer

TS 3. Before the screen turns gray press the four buttons Cmd, ctrl, P and R and hold them


When my laptop turns on again, MY WHOLE MEMORY HAD BEEN WIPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #PacingRoundTheRoomAngry

I had a minor meltdown, and by minor I mean in a state so bad I could punch someone in the face. Then I realised a pop-up was on the computer screen.

Choose a system:

New                Backup






*Eleanor is coming to my school and she is in my class and house!!!!!!


Todays Advice: Add “adventurer” to your Twitter bio. Then, become one.

That’s my advice for today, and if I even had a twitter account then I would definitely do this!  Being an adventurer doesn’t mean going places, well it doesn’t have to mean that but to me it means doing something new and not being afraid to be different! So, I’m setting all my followers a challenge to do something differently every day for a week! Leave a message in the comments about how you got on!


Internet is making Brains weak.


A 2011 study from Columbia University found that you’ve been relying more on the internet and less on your brain. That means that your brain is going to forget more over time. 

Thats pretty scary isn’t it. As much as i don’t want to forget things, I’m too partial to the internet to stop, but you can, or your grannies for you that have them. If anyone ever asks you how to use a computer then tell them “simple, don’t use them at all they make you forget things!” LOL!

Anyway that was a short post so will  post later again. This is weird earlier I couldn’t keep up with posting every day and now I’m posting twice every day!

Loooooong Phone Calls


Well tell me, how did a phone call about what the French homework was turn into a game of guess the song through really crackly reception? I don’t know but it happened today. Yes, I had a phone call which turned out to be 48 or so minutes long when i could have been doing one of the 7 pieces of homework I had to do (bit of advice here: tracing 3 hindu gods takes longer than you think). I must ask, I was talking to an american so I’m not sure if thats normal being british (it doesn’t happen here), but any americans, is that normal? Leave an answer in the comments please!

Todays Advice: Repeat people’s names when you meet them.

I always forget people’s names, it’s a severe problem. I met someone new at my school and within 10 minutes i’d forgotten their name. Also don’t ask what their name is, only leads to embarrassment. Do what Sue from Outnumbered did at the wedding, hunt for clues about their past, present and future, and if all fails, look for their name in the seating arrangement!