Top 9 Songs


pls use google translate too translate the last post lol! I say lol too much, ask my friends!

Yes, so my top 9, not 10, songs! They are not in order but i might give a hint towards my favourite, just wait and see.

1. Pompeii-Bastille

2. The ScientistColdplay

3. The Dog Days are OverFlorence + The Machine

4. Radioactive-Imagine Dragons

5. It’s Time-Imagine Dragons

6. Love Me Again-John Newman

7. Counting Stars-OneRepublic

8. Summer ParadiseSimple Plan

9. Dancing in the MoonlightToploader

Sax/First Day


I had my first day today! Was pretty cool. My best friend is next to me in alphabetical order and my other best is next to me in the odd second letter of last name, so she’s next to me in maths, thanks Mr S!

Have two homeworks on the first day (great) Drama and Maths but they are luckily not due until monday and thursday, next week.

Sax lesson today first in, um, a while. I didn’t practice all holiday so brilliant for the ability i only started around 2 weeks before the start of holiday. So i forgot basically everything that i learned but if someone told me the first note i would just be like pro mode!


❤ music