I wanted to show you my filming kit as I will be testing my new mic tommorow hopefully. So my camera is a Nikon D3200 and it’s really good quality. My new mic is the rode videomic go and my boompole is the rode boompole that fits the mic. My tripod is the Velbon DF-41.

I’ll include some sound tests in my next post for you guys to hear.

Speak to ya later!


I know I have been making excuses. But time isn’t infinite. If you understand the concept of time, you understand the need I have to accomplish things. So, I have been planning on working on making a short film with my friends. I am young and obviously it won’t turn out brilliant but there’s no limit. I would appreciate it if anyone had any tips they could give me, or any help with writing a script would be lovely! Doing this also gives me something to write about. I’ll keep you updated. It has to be something about teenagers seeing as that’s what I am. I’ll keep you posted.

Keep cool x


Hi! I have recently been having a bit of a Lush internet shopping spree. Here are the things I purchased.




I also bought the cupcake face mask. But that had to go in the fridge because it was liquid from the package being left in the post office for ages.

My dad just kept forgetting to pick it up and then he finally did and something had leaked. My friend was like “YOU NEED TO KEEP IT IN THE FRIDGE!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!”

For pictures of the bath bombs and stuff follow me on Instagram: @thelittleowlet

Bye Dailytons!

Kawaii box 1!

It arrived!!!!!
It includes an adorable dog sharpener, a cute squishie, cupcake stickers, jewellery seal stickers, a hello kitty pen, two sweet hair bands, an owl card and moooooooreeeeee!




I love the cute handwritten note I was sent!
Order your own! There so cool!

Bye dailytons!!!

Top 5 Internet Clothes Shops


Today I am going to be talking about internet clothes shops! I do a lot of this, as trying stuff on in shops makes me kind of flustered and for some reason I can never find anything! Soooo, I do pretty much all of my shopping on the internet. This is my top 5 internet clothes shops!






These are my favourite shops! If you have any other shops you think I should have a look at then feel free to leave them in the comments!

Bye Dailytons!





I have recently become obsessed with Anime, especially the ones where it’s school girls who sing or dance and become famous. Maybe thats because it seems more realistic to me, it could actually happen to someone in my school! I am enjoying an anime called HaNaYaMaTa and I think you should give it a try because it is quite interesting and has quite a few plot twists going on. It’s a bit like Glee but with dancing and in Anime. The reason I like anime is because I like the artwork, all the characters are so detailed and colourful, I would still really enjoy watching the shows just for the art! Anime always takes time to build up the characters so you feel like you have a lot of inside information on their lives. I really enjoy delving deep into a story or a character and Anime gives you the thoughts and emotions of the characters by the over the top facial expressions and voiceovers. Personally I love Anime, and I think everyone can get into it, you just need to find the genre you like! Please leave a comment saying what Anime you like and why!

Bye Dailytons!