Update + Kawaii Box

Hello and I’M BACK!

Im sorry I haven’t done anything for a while but i just had too much school and then i went away in the holidays for ages. As an update i now am obsessed with anime, am wearing more pink and have dyed my hair more of a brown colour! The real point other than telling you that I’m lazy and pink is that I subscribed to a thing called Kawaii Box (I will leave the link at the end if you want to check it out). Kawaii is the Japanese word for cute/adorable ect. but American anime and manga fans (like me) use it a lot to describe characters and other things. The Kawaii box is a box that is sent to you at the beginning of every month in the post and it contains lots of Kawaii items from Japan such as pens, phone cases, plushies, sweets and other things. They have a wide variety of 100% original items and I am really excited to get my first box! It costs $18.90 or £11.38 per month which is quite cheap considering that the price of everything in the box actually comes up to $39-40 or around £20! Here are some pictures of the past boxes that have been sent out:

Kawaii-Box_2014-07_002     Kawaii-Box_2014-08_02

They all look really adorable! I will be doing an unboxing post so look out for that!

If you would like to get these boxes sent to you the website link is : http://www.kawaiibox.com/

Goodbye Dailytons!





well, hi… akward…

yeah havn’t posted for ever…


the summer exams were apon me… sorry.

more posts coming soon!


I am currently in a restaurant with my mates Emily, other Emily, Chloe, Grace, Eleanor and MEEEE! I am have ordered the stuff written on the serviette because i cant remember my order.
Have a happy Easter Dailytons!



Have you ever wondered what your mind looks like? A glowing rainbow of thoughts, or an advanced calculator (never thought I’d use that in a sentence). Have you got more logic or creativity? The dreams and visions forming on shelves and memories to the million. How I wonder how all that fits in my head. I wonder do people forget things because their head is to full? Maybe you can’t concentrate on the present because you have too many thoughts about the future. If you need to let them go or not, if you really need them in life. It’s great to have ambitions, but you can’t get too hung up on what you might do. Patterns that thrive on colours. Dreams woven from the things you have seen, things you have heard, smelt, tasted. All put together and then forgotten, in a puff of smoke as you wake up at dawn wondering what had happened that night. Never to be thought in the same order. Never to be thought in the same way.

If that is what your mind is made up of, your mind must be a beautiful place. 


What I’m up to

Just doing my homework,

Copying a poem,

Then watching MineCraft Ultra Hardcore

(Only when I’m done),

Stupid geography I don’t understand,

Nevermind I’ll do my English instead (come on that’s WAAAAAAY better),

Tryin’ to remember where i live in french,

Just failing I’d rather sit on a bench,

Looking forward to when I’d done,

There’s a lag on Minecraft! Having fun.