My hair is literally the most annoying thing in the world! I wash it in the morning but in like three seconds its full of grease. And don’t get me started on the static. I went to my friends ‘grease’ themed birthday party and we went to a hairdressers to have our hair and makeup done. And when i had my hair done she put at least half a tin of hairspray in my hair to try and stop the static. It did work but then of course i decided i didn’t like what she had done and set of to take it out but i found she had used so much hairspray that the hair slides were stuck to my head. That was one of my worst days of my life. That was how awful it was.
The only day my hair is actually under control is when my aunt comes to stay. Yes, she is a hairdresser.
My hair is an absolute nightmare! #thissucks