Paris(we are back) and Halloween

I am back from France and it was great to see my cousins but now i am back and that’s that. Sorry it was just a quick brief but apparently i “dwell to much in the past” and i literally just got back.
I bet you are all super excited and have bought your costumes and are already planning which houses you are going to but to be honest i have never been trick or treating before. Yes, I know what you are all thinking “KILL HER NOW!” but just wait a second, i have been persuaded to go by Chloe. I am really nervous because i have always hated the concept of trick or treating especially dressing up. And once again most of you are saying “but dressing up is the best bit” DEAL WITH IT ALRIGHT I AM WEIRD!!!!!
I am thinking of going as a pretty average witch with a plain black dress and black eyeliner and lipstick. Or a random goth. Yep I’m so boring! I saw this really cool mine craft zombie costume online. Chloe is going as a zombie prom queen. Cool huh?
All this talk about Halloween made me think why i hated it so much. I think it might be something to do with the embarrassment of dressing up and people seeing me like that. I am really self conscious its weird.
Anyway, if you have any cheap short notice suggestions for Halloween costumes then please leave them in the comments!
Bye xoxoxo