Isle of Wight Day 7!


My pottery looks amazing (not too boast or anything)! I’M SO HAPPY! Yep thats great, but, something else isn’t. IT’S MY LAST DAY IN ISLE OF WIGHT 😥 

My day is probably the same as on the first day really.

A bit boring.

When i got home i saw that the new tv had arrived. It is sooooo cool compared to the old one, no seriously OLD, so old, it still had a teletext button (look it up)!


❤ Age!

Isle of Wight Day 5!


I know i have sort of been not really accurately doing this every day, sorry i have been busy in the isle of wight.

Anyway, we went pottery painting! I painted a  DRAGON BANK!  Yes you read right a dragon bank, a bit childish i know but i think i have found a new hobby. I always loved art but i completely suck at drawing and i’m actually sorta good at this!!!!

Luckily there is a pottery place just down my road 😀


❤ Life!

Isle of Wight!

Sorry about not posting yesterday i got caught up in my day which was made up of…
Youtube, youtube, packing, youtube,packing, packing, youtube, travelling, youtube, travelling x 10000000, youtube, tv, bed!
Yes so it was a very interesting day and a brilliant reason to not blog (right?)!
So, I’m in the isle of wight with a family who i know with my LAPTOP AND PHONE :-D!
I can’t go without me tech!
Well this family have just come back from AMERICA which i wish i had been to for two reasons
1. the plane!
I’m having so much fun here!