There are lots of different phobias and i have one of them: insectophobia. No, thats literally what its called!!!!  My friend Emily has a fear not phobia of her older sisters eyelash curlers. I can understand that one.

I would like to explain about a fear i have, so this is rather personal. It’s starts of with something quite normal to you, burglars and murderers. Yeah, i know everyone should be scared of that really but then i not your average person when it comes to my imagination and worrying. I remember when we were going on a school trip and staying for the night i asked “Will they lock the windows?” everyone laughed of course, but it wasn’t a comic thing, i was full on blown panicking, i even drew a little cartoon about how a murderer could knock out the security guards with a baseball bat and kill me. And then it comes to when I’m alone, If there is the slightest noise i shut down my computer and look all around me very carefully, then i sit still for 5 minutes not doing anything. I’m so scared of murderers i have even planned out that if someone tries to kill me and i know who it is i will shout their name as loud as i can. My imagination runs too wild. I get so scared.

Well, that was a little too intense and deep for my liking so  lolololololololololo l:-) lolololol



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