Honestly I can’t type today. Observe:

THta is this sscrintence id i dobt’ chsadnsfege anythinfg.

Trust me I did not exaggerate that. REALLY!

It was meant to say this is this sentence if I don’t change anything.

 Kill me now for being a terrible typer. #iamafail

Anyway, Christmas!!! I finally got a good camera!!! Its a Nikon something or other. Who really cares. I also got 3 t-shirts and BISCUITS… NOM HOW I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY BISCUITS! #iamtherealcookiemonster

gtg all my dailytons*!

Enjoy Xmas While it lasts!



*Yes, if you are a subber, you are a dailyton!

ps. Cross your fingers for snow in England!

pps. It sucks, we get rain and not snow!