Felix and Marzia

Felix and Marzia

I watch Marzia on Youtube. Her username is CutiePieMarzia. Her boyfriend is Felix or Pewdiepie! Thought I’d post this as I am quite pleased with it

Turritopsis Nutricula Jellyfish

Turritopsis Nutricula Jellyfish

I literally found out that Turritopsis Nutricula Jellyfish (let’s just call them TNJ from now) can live FOREVER! Yeah, thats pretty epic. OMG WHO AM I KIDDING THATS AMAZING!!!!!! LOL.
New Slang Words which i keep repeating now:
ROFL: rolling on floor laughing
IDK: i don’t know
yeah… oh! funny thing which kept me laughing for ages. So my dad kept saying about how my physics teachers’ name sounds really like Mr. Linuar or however you spell it so he said go up to him and say “Do you want to drain the marshes?” That’s not that funny to anyone who doesn’t remember random lines from Famous Fives you’ve listened to years ago!
Yeah I have a creepy memory because I won’t remember maths or useful stuff but I remeber lines from books and films, yep I am sooooo useful

5 Homework Tips That Probably Won’t Work.


I have not posted in awhile but you should see my amount of homework!

Yeah homework! So these are my tips with the hell that is homework.

1. Try not to leave it too the last minute(what, i never said i had to follow these tips.)

2. Don’t go on youtube whilst doing a biology essay(i actually didn’t do that)

3. If you get art homework get help!

4. If you get maths homework and no one says you can’t use a calculator, you should probably use a calculator.

5. If you have Geography is a classroom that stinks put loads of effort in your homework,  act dumb, become teachers pet, and state that we should go outside.